Don’t stop doing what you love. Just keep swimming throughout the holidays!

Just because the term-time swimming lessons have stopped, it doesn’t mean you have to. We offer intensive holiday lessons through the holidays for swimmers of all abilities. So whether you’re looking to continue practicing your front-crawl at our front-crawl clinic, or if you’re brand new to swimming, our crash courses are for you.

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Children in the swimming pool group lesson at Woodrow Leisure Centre, Woodrow High House

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Why intensive holiday lessons?

These are 30-minute lessons that run for 5 consecutive days (excluding bank holidays), during the school holidays. They are beneficial if general practice is required to improve stamina or if a child has just moved up to a new class, they give a preview of the new skills which will be taught in that level. They also help to maintain consistency in learning, build confidence and aid progression!

Many also use these as a taster for our classes and as a way to assess their child’s ability before enrolling onto weekly lessons with us. Crash courses enable children to maintain the skills they have already learned during term time.

Swim levels

So that we can run classes that are pitched at the right level for all members of the group, we make sure swimmers find the appropriate swim level before they begin their first class.

If you already swim with us, we’ll have a good idea which class would be suitable for your child’s needs. Please take a look below at the swimming levels available during the holidays.  If you have any questions, concerns or queries, please email us on or give us a call on 01494 433 531.

Click the tiles below to see the skills taught in each class.

Holiday Swimming Levels

Non-swimmer 1

Non-swimmer 1

Must be four years of age and able to take instruction directly from the teacher. Non-Swimmer 1 classes on a weekend are for children aged three years upwards. Teachers are in the water for this class

Non-swimmer 2

Non-swimmer 2

Must have completed Non-Swimmer 1 or be at that standard. Teachers are generally in the water for this class, but they might decide to progress to teach from poolside depending upon the strength of the class.

Pre-school 1

Pre-school 1

• Suitable for children aged three to five years.
• Children must be happy and independent in the water and able to take instruction from the teachers.
• Teachers are in the water for this class.
• Parents view the lessons from the viewing area.