03 July 2023

Following on from June’s RLSS drowning prevention week, we asked Woodrow’s Swimming Teachers and Lifeguards the following questions:

Why is water safety so important?

  • Swimming is a life skill; we are around water all the time and even having a basic level of swimming skills can then help you in a dangerous situation
  • Water safety is important as it can help prevent drowning
  • It helps swimmers understand the dangers of water

How do lifeguards help with water safety?

  • We are there to prevent any accidents
  • By informing swimmers on the dangers
  • Ensuring swimmers understand why the rules are in place
  • Keeping areas safe by scanning water
  • Lifeguards are equipped with the skills and equipment to help

How do swim teachers help with water safety?

  • Teaching you how to swim
  • Introduce water safety skills by making young people aware of the risks
  • They teach tips and tricks to help swimmers if they get into trouble, for example treading water,
    floating on their back, getting in and out of the pool safely

Top tips from our lifeguards and swim teachers:

  • If your ball or another toy falls into the pool/sea/lake, don’t try get it yourself, ask an adult for help
  • Never go swimming alone, always have a friend or family member
  • If you’re playing near the water and a friend falls in, don’t try get them out, throw in something that floats, like a ball and find and adult to help phone 999
  • Be aware of your abilities, never swim out of your depth
  • Make sure a flotation device is close by
  • Being aware of other swimmers and objects in the water
  • Stay calm


Remember! Water Safety education never stops!

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