Don’t worry! Our teachers pick up on skills differences very quickly and understand that everyone learns in their own ways and at their own speeds. Due to this, our teachers will observe and adjust their teaching methods as needed

This is a very tricky question to answer and one we get asked a lot. Each child will progress at their own rate and their rate of progression will largely depend upon how confident they are in the water and how much exposure they have to the water outside of lessons; a child who swims with us for half an hour a week and swims with their family once a week will progress a lot faster than a child who only has their weekly lesson.

We are unable to offer refunds or credits for lessons missed due to sickness.

Yes we do. We do not currently teach group lessons for adults but this can be introduced if there is a group of you who would like to learn. We teach a number of local adults each week on a 1:1 and a 1:2 basis; please email us to find out availability –

Private lessons are on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis (all participants must be from the same household) and are available for adults and children of all ages and abilities (although as they are intense, we would suggest a minimum age of 3 years). Each lesson is 30 minutes long  and you can book 1 lesson or a block of 4. If you book 1 lesson then your space will not be saved for the following week 

Teachers will work with you on exactly what you need at your own pace, in much the same way as a personal trainer in a gym. If you’re looking to improve on one particular area, try something new with additional support on hand or just want some 100% dedicated attention, a private lesson is for you.

Parents have online access to Home Portal where you’re able to see your child’s assessments. Children are given a score out of five for each skill. If you wish for more detail than this or to find out how you can help your child progress, please contact us.

Lost Property will be kept for 48 hours. Please contact within this timeframe and we will keep your belongings until you return the following week to collect them. 

No, although swimming hats are beneficial, they are not compulsory. We suggest that swimmers with long hair tie it back and clip it away from their face so it doesn’t affect breathing technique and/or become a distraction.

Please go to our Useful Downloads page. 

Yes. We have indoor and outdoor viewing areas for spectators to watch from. Parents are only permitted on poolside when invited by the swimming teacher or lifeguard, for example, if they feel it will help to settle your child if they get upset.

We recommend that you do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before the lesson start time 

We advise that any snacks are eaten at least an hour before their swimming lesson starts to avoid their body rejecting any recent foods consumed.   

Adults only get in the water with our adult and child lessons. For our beginner classes the teachers will teach from in the water, these classes include preschool, non swimmer 1 and non swimmer