Accredited Youth Leadership Course

We offer the opportunity for your residential to be accredited, by completing our Level 1 Youth Leadership Course. This takes place over a two-night residential and includes learning about the theory of leadership, different leadership styles and effective styles of communication. We combine this with a number of our outdoor activities where the young people get to put their learning into practice.

What’s the difference between leadership and youth leadership? How does a leader effectively communicate? What skills and characteristics are required to be a good leader? How can I put my leadership style into practice? All these questions, and more, are areas covered throughout the course.

The training is delivered using interactive and engaging methods, including group work and practical activities that will support the young people to develop their understanding of leadership. This all feeds into a workbook that young people complete individually, with support from Woodrow High House staff, over the course of the training.

To find out more, or to book, please give us a call on 01494 433531 or send us an email to