• The Women of Woodrow – Skirts and High Heels

    During the first week in my current role, a young male outdoor instructor boldly stated when I introduced myself “You don’t look like a Head of Centre”. “So, what does a Head of Centre look like?” I asked. “For one, they don’t wear skirts and high heels!” he replied very matter of factly.  I smiled and […]

  • The Women of Woodrow – Women in Sport

    Growing up I knew I always wanted to work in sport. An office job just isn’t in my nature, I have to be on the move. My passion for sport was something that set me aside from others – I was always the only girl playing football in the playground, sometimes on my own as […]

  • The Women of Woodrow – Women in the Outdoor Industry

    Celebrated on the 8th March, International Women’s Day has gathered a huge amount of traction over the last few years as PEOPLE. GET. WOKE. The outdoor industry is commonly (and incorrectly) regarded as a boy’s club, with limited space for women. This International Women’s Day, we are challenging this damaging stereotype in an interview with […]