Benefits of Residentials

What we do is enjoyable and more importantly, it is also educational. Teachers speak powerfully of the great good that can come from a residential trip.

Benefits are seen in terms of increasing individual confidence, resilience building as well as improving the trust between peers and relationships with leaders. We offer bespoke courses to meet the particular needs of visiting groups, and work with accompanying adults over many years to ensure experiences at Woodrow reinforce learning and development back home.

Our belief in the value of what Woodrow offers is based not only on our own experience and observations, but also on the extensive work and research carried out by Learning Away.

Learning Away campaigns for Brilliant Residentials for all schools. Like us, they believe that the best residentials are those led by teachers, co-designed with students and fully integrated into the curriculum. The evidence provided by the campaign is undeniable. High quality residential experiences enhance learning, improve relationships amongst peers and the teacher-pupil relationship, increase attainment in core subjects as well provide an incredible opportunity for all pupils to shine in a new, non-classroom based, environment.

Learning Away have a huge number of free resources available to help you plan your own Brilliant Residential, so why don’t you take a look at their website here for ideas and inspiration.

“An experience I’m going to keep with me is that I made new friends”

“Trust. Confidence. Courage and compassion”

“I’ve learnt that I am accepted” Young People from a secondary School discuss their ‘take-aways’ after their residential

In the last year:

– 87% of children felt coming to Woodrow helped them trust their friends.
– 84% of children felt coming to Woodrow helped them not give up.
– 81% of children felt coming to Woodrow helped them to listen better.

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