• Woodrow’s Parenting 101 – Getting Crafty in a Crisis

      I never envisaged this situation…  Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is certainly the biggest test of my lifetime and has made me look very closely at all those things and simple pleasures that I, along with many others, took for granted.  As we approach almost two weeks of lockdown, it is fair to say that my family has had its fair share of challenges in trying to keep […]

  • The Women of Woodrow – Skirts and High Heels

    During the first week in my current role, a young male outdoor instructor boldly stated when I introduced myself “You don’t look like a Head of Centre”. “So, what does a Head of Centre look like?” I asked. “For one, they don’t wear skirts and high heels!” he replied very matter of factly.  I smiled and […]

  • The Women of Woodrow – Women in Sport

    Growing up I knew I always wanted to work in sport. An office job just isn’t in my nature, I have to be on the move. My passion for sport was something that set me aside from others – I was always the only girl playing football in the playground, sometimes on my own as […]

  • The Women of Woodrow – Women in the Outdoor Industry

    Celebrated on the 8th March, International Women’s Day has gathered a huge amount of traction over the last few years as PEOPLE. GET. WOKE. The outdoor industry is commonly (and incorrectly) regarded as a boy’s club, with limited space for women. This International Women’s Day, we are challenging this damaging stereotype in an interview with […]

  • Why Outdoor Learning Matters

    If I asked you what some of your fondest childhood memories entailed, many of you would reflect on experiences such as riding your bicycle for the first time; exploring the woods, playing with leaves and conkers, and climbing trees; building secret dens or constructing sandcastles on the beach; scaling a jungle gym or kicking a […]