Must have completed Swimmer 1 or be at that standard. All skills from this ability up should be performed in a minimum depth of 1.8m, unless stated. Teachers are on the side of the pool for this class.

Skills taught in this ability:

  • Swim ten metres front crawl with side breathing
  • Swim ten metres backstroke with an over arm recovery and good body position
  • Swim ten metres breaststroke leg kick with feet turned out on front – with two floats
  • Swim ten metres breaststroke with feet turned out and good coordination of arms and legs – with good breathing
  • Swim five metres dolphin kick with hands by side
  • Swim ten metres front crawl legs with one float demonstrating a good side- breathing action
  • Pencil, star and tuck jumps into deep water without goggles
  • Headfirst surface dive to retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool (minimum 1.4m) without goggles
  • Swim five metres headfirst sculling
  • Jump into deep water and tread water for 30 secs – 360 degrees turn after 15 secs

Once all these skills have been completed the swimmer is ready for Improver 1.