• Suitable for children aged three years.
• Children must be happy and independent in the water and able to take instruction from the teachers.
• Teachers are in the water for this class.
• Parents view the lessons from the viewing area.

Skills taught in this ability:

  • Safe unaided entry/exit to and from the pool without the use of steps
  • Jump into shallow water (0.9m minimum) with support if necessary
  • Put face in the water for three secs, blowing bubbles
  • Completely submerge without goggles
  • Kick through the water on front – with two floats
  • Kick through the water on back – with two floats
  • Swim half width on front rollover to half width on back – with a noodle
  • Star float on front with assistance and face in the water
  • Star float on back with assistance and ears in the water

Once all these skills have been completed the swimmer is ready for Pre-school 2