Must have completed Non-Swimmer 1 or be at that standard. Teachers are generally in the water for this class, but they might decide to progress to teach from poolside depending upon the strength of the class.

Skills taught in this ability:

  • Jump into shallow water (0.9m minimum) confidently and unaided
  • Push and glide on front – hold glide for three secs
  • Push and glide on back – hold glide for three secs
  • Front paddle with face in the water – demonstrating lifting head to breathe – one width confidently
  • Back paddle – one width confidently
  • Half width on front rollover to half width on back – unaided
  • Swim five metres breaststroke kick with two floats on front
  • Mushroom float unaided – hold for three secs
  • Star float on front unaided –for three secs
  • Star float on back unaided –for three secs
  • Submerge three times blowing bubbles without goggles – only one breath between submersions

Once all these skills have been completed the swimmer is ready for Swimmer 1.